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Once Upon A Time....

Aoxoa (pronounced either "oh-ah" or spelled out A-O-X-O-A) Computing Services was formed in 1986 by Dan MacDonald. We are primarily a single person company, although we do have subcontractors who work for us regularly, as well as a network of other local technology companies with whom we have comfortable business relationships.

Dan MacDonald graduated from the University of Victoria in 1983 with a BSc from the Computer Science Co-op department. He began his career focussed on scientific programming, developing systems for contouring, mapping, paleomagnetic and geomagnetic analysis, image processing and instrument control. In 1986 he won a contract to maintain a library catalogue system, written in Oracle 5.1A and using an early version of Oracle*Forms. The database work gradually expanded and Dan branched into database administration, data modelling and design, application development and maintenance, and training. Mr. MacDonald has also gained extensive experience in unix administration, network administration, and technical architecture. 

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