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Website Experimentation

Well, it has been way too long since I did anything with this site. I am 2 (3 as on today) major releases behind in the software I built this site with. The wikis need updating. LOL - it just hasn't been a priority, but that is changing. I need to update a couple of sites so i need to do some experimenting. So if this site crashes or goes unavailable, check back in a while ;-)


Maybe this is working? My goal was to create version-specific folders for each different component, in the hopes that would be easier to keep things better organized through software upgrades. So for example, i wanted a 'prod-drupal-7' folder to hold *this* main website (until i get it redone in drupal 9 or 10), and create a symbolic link 'prod' that points to 'prod-drupal-7', and then have the main www url point to 'prod'. Obviously I need separate database schemas for each and for now i have to keep them distinct, but that ought to be managable. Then i would have the same thing for 'dev-drupal-9.4' , 'dev', and the dev. Etc.

It seemed like a good idea, but my hosting provider uses CPanel and it doesn't seem to like directing www to anything but the top level public_html folder. I found a solution - putting in a permanent redirect from www... to prod... so i've done that, and have my fingers crossed it doesn't break anything (much). So if you noticed the url changes from to, that is what it is all about.  The biggest problem i see if that if someone saved the url with a 'folder' (say, '') that seems to not work properly. Maybe there is a tweak to fix that.....


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