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Application Development and Maintenance

Building an application right is an involved process to ensure that the resultant application meets your needs, The projects starts with "Requirements Gathering", and then into more and more technical steps. This can be a daunting exercise, and we can help. Rather than becoming bogged down in technical jargon, we work with you in your language so you don't have to learn geek-speak. The traditional approach involves a step by step "waterfall" approach where one step flows into the other. This technique certainly works well as long as the requirements for the system can be nailed down accurately at the start, and don't change. Modern application design techniques have moved towards a faster 'iterative' approach where the design refines itself through a number of design cycles. We have extensive experience with both approaches.

Once your system has been built, you need to plan for ongoing maintenance and care for your system. This ranges from ensuring you have regular (and tested) backups, to application tuning, to modification and enhancements as new features may be incorporated.

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